RAL quality assurance – Basis for safety and trust

Consumers can expect a special level of performance from products or services that bear the RAL Gütezeichen (certification mark). This can equate to personnel with a special level of expertise, high-value technical equipment, health and environmental protection or particularly uncomplicated operations and handling. The RAL Gütezeichen (certification mark) stands for quality that goes above and beyond the legally-mandated standards.

Compared to other identification marks, the system associated with the RAL Gütezeichen (certification mark) is quite unique. It dictates that the awarding of the RAL Gütezeichen be tied to stringent and objective conditions. The RAL Deutsches Institut für Gütesicherung und Kennzeichnung (RAL German institute for quality assurance and labelling) defines the said system, and involves trade and consumers’ associations, federal and state ministries, public authorities and testing institutions in this process. The reliability of the RAL Gütezeichen is safeguarded through a system in which manufacturers and service providers continuously monitor the conditions, and neutral testers regularly carry out unannounced inspections. So consumers can rest assured: The RAL Gütezeichen provides reliable protection against low levels of quality.