Members of the quality associations – Better than the competition

Companies that offer products and services bearing the RAL Gütezeichen (certification mark) distinguish themselves from the competition. They represent a special focus on quality and the customer, and make it clear that the legally-mandated minimum standards aren’t enough for them. RAL Gütezeichen are particularly advantageous for companies participating in tendering procedures. The RAL Gütezeichen often proves to the client that the product or service bearing the RAL Gütezeichen fulfils the requirements associated with the bid invitation.

Member companies are part of a strong network. They ensure that innovative technological and environmental developments are integrated into the quality assurance process. The distinction conferred by the RAL Gütezeichen gives members a competitive edge. The certification marks strengthen the corporate image and the foundation of trust between them and the clients.

Furthermore, the quality associations ensure that all members comply with the quality and testing regulations, and that the RAL certification mark is used in the proper manner.

The ‘RAL Deutsches Institut für Gütesicherung und Kennzeichnung’ (RAL German institute for quality assurance and labelling) supports the quality associations and their members. RAL defends the certification mark system and the term ‘certification mark’ itself against misuse. Suitable publicity measures strengthen the name recognition of RAL certification marks in the market. They also serve to convince customers of the value and advantages of products and services bearing the certification marks.